History of Medicine Cuisine

The skill of balancing food was developed as early as the 16th century BC. A minister of the ruler of the Shang Kingdom named Yi created Chinese cooking utensils and the art of cooking using the nature of the food to balance the diet. Click this online levitra pharmacy

During the 5th century BC cooks began to create cuisines with medical values. In the publication called Huangdi Neijing, a Warring States record, there are rules on how to regulate diet and improve the taste of food. The Han publication, Shennong Bencaojing, listed certain herbs and vegetables as being beneficial to the body.

By the Song dynasty (960-1279) it was recorded that many diseases could be cured through proper diet and eating the right food. The development of cooking skills and lists of food for curing ailments intensified during the Jin, Yuan and Qing dynasties. Click and find out move out cleaning.

Chinese Medicine Food with Yin and Yang

The theory of yin and yang is applied to all Chinese things including the classification of food and herbs. For over three thousand years Chinese cuisine is based not only on skill and using the best quality ingredients but also on applying the ancient art of balancing the yin and yang qualities in the food.

The Chinese classify each type of vegetable and meat in terms of yin and yang, and combine vegetables with meat in such a way that each cooked dish will be balanced. They know that food may be changed from one the other depending on the way it is cooked. For example, a steamed fish is yin (cooling) but a deep-fried fish is yang (heating).

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