Congee Village

Congee Village was established in 1996 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood.

Located at 100 Allen Street, corner with Delancey Street, on the outskirts of Chinatown, in an area not on the tourist radar, Congee Village has been preparing Chinese (specifically but not limited to Cantonese) food for years, serving it in beautiful dining rooms as well as delivering it to your doorstep. One of New York City’s finest spots to eat and so very special and beautiful that countless positive reviews in local and even international press, customer satisfaction, lightening, dependable, professional service and very affordable prices have helped it establish a great reputation and the status of one of the best restaurants in town.

Originally the restaurant’s interiors were entirely decorated in Southeast Asian flavor, with bamboo on the walls and an outlandish interior full of bamboo and plastic hanging vines; a kind of maze constructed to make it feel like you are in a tropical village.

The newly renovated and expanded location now offers additional dining facilities including a large and very elegant dining room, tastefully decorated with exposed bricks, wood ceilings, marble floors and bamboo, as well as four distinctive private rooms for your business dinners or private parties equipped with sound system, tv and karaoke, all stylish and custom decorated to recall traditional Asian decorative styles. Everything in the new Congee Village has been carefully hand-picked and directly imported from China to make you feel comfortable and let you experience the real thing. The new space also includes an American bar. You will find no other place like this!

Congee Bowery

Congee Bowery was built in 2005 and is located at 207 Bowery, only a few blocks away from the Allen Street location of Congee Village. Cornering with Delancey Street and Spring Street, Congee Bowery is located on the outskirts of Chinatown, in an area not on the tourist radar but in the heart of Manhattan’s young and dynamic neighborhood of the Lower East Side.

During the construction of the new Congee Bowery restaurant and bar, great attention has been put in detail and style. Built with all authentic materials imported from China, Congee Bowery presents itself with a gorgeous intricate play of wood and marble, decorated in traditional chinese style, with a fountain of stones, real plants and real gold fish, bamboo trees and original art from the great land of China.

Multiple rooms, including two main dining rooms with three semi-enclosed wooden booths for added privacy as well as a mezzanine, a full american bar with additional seating and two private rooms for events, dinner parties or business meetings, Congee Bowery allows for even greater capacity and greater choice of seating and environments.

Congee Flushing

Congee Flushing is our newest location located at 36-36 Prince Street. Officially opening on July 22nd, 2016, the restaurant’s interiors are decorated with the purpose of creating a nice balance of old and modern.

Our exquisite cooking style preserves the culinary rigours of the ancients, supplemented with our own imaginative tastes. While Congee Village is widely known as the undisputed best restaurant for Congee in Chinatown, our original Cantonese cuisine will delight even the most expecting of you with a menu offering a large selection of different varieties of soups, vegetables, pasta, rice, dim sum, chicken, beef, pork, casserole, sizzling hot plates, seafood and of course a number of launch specials as well as nearly 30 different Congee-based rice porridges and soups and 10 dishes of rice served in bamboo pots.